Group Coaching

The group coaching listed below have been proven around the globe to have significant impact for those owners that embrace and execute on the concepts.


At ActionCOACH, we know that networking is a great idea. The challenge is finding the time and maintaining the motivation to keep it up and make it a part of your business. That’s why we introduced ProfitCLUB. By being a part of ProfitCLUB you can embark on a journey to a more profitable enterprise by meeting with like-minded business owners every fortnight.

ProfitCLUB is specifically designed for small to medium sized business owners and each event is designed so that you maximize your potential, build your business, build your network, build your profit and build your knowledge.

Being a ProfitCLUB member means you also get to attend FREE business building workshops that teach you how to work on your business rather than in it and help you avoid the common pitfalls most business owners make.

Please contact us to learn more about ProfitCLUB.

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ActionCLUB is an amazing fourteen week program for start-ups or those who are not ready for 1-to-1 coaching.

ActionCLUB is seven evening sessions on everything from setting your goals and vision right through to team building, marketing, sales and many of the basic fundamentals you need to get your business really moving. It’s like getting a semester of business education but it’s all proven in the real world and ready for you to implement immediately. So you’re focused on what you can do today to get your business moving.

In the seven meetings, we cover the following:

  1. Creating Your Future – Covers how to set goals, how to develop clarity on what you’re creating and how to accomplish it.
  2. Generating Cashflow – Covers what are the keys to profitability and leverage, how to do more with less.
  3. Streetwise Marketing – Covers what sets you apart from the competition and how can you use that to get more customers buying more often from you.
  4. Sales Made Simple – Covers how to sell effectively, handle objections and improve your communications.
  5. Build a Great Team – How to build the dream team you’ve always wanted and how to be a great leader.
  6. Systemize To Success – Covers how to leverage your time through systems in four key areas, defining key performance indicators to measure results and how to gain control of your time.
  7. Putting it to the Test – Demonstrate what you have learned and lock-in the lessons so you can build any business into a success.

Please contact us to learn more about ActionCLUB.

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